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Totnes Art Society Data Protection Policy 


1. TAS maintains a mailing list for members containing their postal and email addresses and telephone number.


2. The lists are held on the Membership Secretary and Communications Officer's computers. He/she will usually be the only persons to send out information.

However, they will also be held by the Treasurer, in case of emergency e.g. if the Membership Secretary becomes indisposed.  The lists will not be shared

with any other organisation.


3. TAS communications relate to society activity including the annual exhibition, workshops and other events. Information from third parties may be emailed

only if it is considered of likely interest i.e. concerns local artists and/or art activity. The Membership Secretary or Treasurer may need to contact members

for other reasons by exception.


4. Members will be asked to tick a box on the membership/renewal form to confirm they are willing for their data to be held and used as described here,

and the forms retained as evidence of consent.  Members may withdraw their consent at any time by contacting the Membership Secretary.


5. This policy document will be available on the TAS website on via the Membership Secretary.


Other information

6. The Treasurer maintains an annual financial record which holds information on the subscriptions paid by members and any other payments received.

These detailed records are not shared with anyone other than the Treasurer and Chair, unless a more formal audit is deemed necessary, and are

retained for seven years.